10-14 October 2016
Milan Hotel
Europe/Moscow timezone

Identification of high-energy antiprotons on electrons background based on calorimeter data in PAMELA experiment

10 Oct 2016, 16:15
Verdi (Milan Hotel)


Milan Hotel

Shipilovskaya Street, 28A, Moscow, Russia, 115563
Plenary/section talk Cosmic rays Cosmic rays - parallel I


Ms. Olga Dunaeva (Aleksandrovna)


In modern experimental physics a heterogeneous coordinate-sensitive calorimeters are widely used due to their good characteristics and possibilities to obtain a three-dimensional information of particles interactions. Espesially it is important at high-energies when electromagnetic or hadronic showers are arise. We propose a quit efficient method to identify antiprotons (positrons) with energies more than 10 GeV on electron (proton) background by calorimeter of such kind. We construct the AdaBoost classifier to separate particles into two classes, different combinations of energy release along reconstructed particle trajectorywere used as feature vector. We test a preliminary verson of the method on a calorimeter of the PAMELA magnetic spectrometer. For high-energy particles we got a good quality of classification: it lost only $4*10^{-4}$ of antiprotons, while less than $10^{-3}$ of electrons were classified to antiproton class.

Primary authors

Andrey Mayorov (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI) Ms. Olga Dunaeva (Aleksandrovna)

Presentation Materials

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