from 29 November 2022 to 2 December 2022
Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*
Europe/Moscow timezone
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On quasinormal modes in 4D black hole solutions in the model with anisotropic fluid

30 Nov 2022, 19:30
Petrovskiy 2 (Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*)

Petrovskiy 2

Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*

Oral talk Gravitation and cosmology Gravitation and Cosmology


Vladimir Ivashchuk (Center for Gravitation, VNIIMS)


We consider a family of 4-dimensional black hole solutions
governed by natural number $q= 1, 2, 3 , \dots$, which appear in the model
with anisotropic fluid and the equations of state: $p_r = -\rho (2q-1)^{-1}$,
$p_t = - p_r$, where $p_r$ and $p_t$ are pressures in radial and transverse
directions, respectively, and $\rho > 0$ is the density. These equations of state obey weak, strong and dominant energy conditions. For $q = 1$ the metric of the solution coincides with that of the Reissner-Nordstr\"om one. The global structure of solutions is outlined, giving rise to Carter-Penrose diagram of Reissner-Nordstr\"om or Schwarzschild types for odd $q = 2k + 1$ or even $q = 2k$, respectively. Certain physical parameters corresponding to BH solutions
(gravitational mass, PPN parameters, Hawking temperature and entropy)
are calculated. We obtain and analyse the quasinormal modes for a test massless scalar field in the eikonal approximation. For limiting case $q = + \infty$, they coincide with the well-known results for the Schwarzschild solution. We show that the Hod conjecture which connect the Hawking temperature and the damping rate is obeyed for all $q \geq 2$ and all (allowed) values of parameters.

Primary authors

Dr. Sergei Bolokhov (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)) Vladimir Ivashchuk (Center for Gravitation, VNIIMS)

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