22-26 October 2018
Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*
Europe/Moscow timezone

Heavy-quark spin-symmetry partners of the bottomonium molecular states at Belle-II

26 Oct 2018, 11:05
Alekseevskiy hall (Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*)

Alekseevskiy hall

Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*

Kashyrskoye shosse, 39B, Moscow, Russia, 115409
Plenary/section talk Particle physics Particle Physics


Dr. Vadim Baru (HISKP, University of Bonn)


Assuming a molecular nature for the $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)$ exotic states, the properties of these states and their pole positions are extracted from the effective-field theory based analysis of the experimental line shapes in the decay channels $\Upsilon(10860) \to \pi \alpha$ (with $\alpha$ being $B\bar B^*, B^*\bar B^*$ and $h_b (mP)\pi$ ($m$=1,2)). The consequences for the heavy-quark spin-symmetry partners of these states are predicted parameter free.

Primary author

Dr. Vadim Baru (HISKP, University of Bonn)

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