22-26 October 2018
Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*
Europe/Moscow timezone

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23 Oct 2018, 17:55
Petrovskiy hall (Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*)

Petrovskiy hall

Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*

Kashyrskoye shosse, 39B, Moscow, Russia, 115409
Plenary/section talk Particle physics: neutrino physics Particle Physics: Neutrino Physics


Andy Chappell (University of Warwick)


T2K is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment based in Japan. A muon neutrino (or antineutrino) beam is produced at JPARC and sent 295 km to the Super-Kamiokande detector where neutrino oscillation is studied via muon neutrino disappearance and electron neutrino appearance channels. Such studies have demonstrated muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillation and provide precision measurements of the muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance parameters, acting as a probe of unknown physics, including the potential to observe CP violation in neutrino mixing. In this talk, we will present our latest neutrino and antineutrino oscillation results and also present the future prospects of the experiment.

Primary author

Andy Chappell (University of Warwick)

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