22-26 October 2018
Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*
Europe/Moscow timezone

Lepton flavour universality tests at LHCb

23 Oct 2018, 17:05
Alekseevskiy hall (Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*)

Alekseevskiy hall

Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoye 4*

Kashyrskoye shosse, 39B, Moscow, Russia, 115409
Plenary/section talk Particle physics Particle Physics


Pavel Krokovny (Budkker INP and Novosibirsk State University)


In the Standard Model the three charged leptons are identical copies of each other, apart from mass differences, and the electroweak coupling of the gauge bosons to leptons is independent of the lepton flavour. This prediction is called lepton flavour universality (LFU) and is well tested in tree level decays; any violation of LFU would be a clear sign of physics beyond the Standard Model. Experimental tests of LFU in semileptonic decays of b hadrons and in rare b decays are highly sensitive to models of New Physics in which new, heavy particles couple preferentially to the 2nd and 3rd generations of leptons. Such models often also predict charged lepton flavour violation (CLFV). Recent results from LHCb on LFU in semileptonic b → clν transitions and rare b->sll decays are discussed, along with searches for CLFV.

Primary author

Pavel Krokovny (Budkker INP and Novosibirsk State University)

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