5-9 October 2020
Europe/Moscow timezone
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Advanced multi-platform visualization framework for particle physics experiments

9 Oct 2020, 16:55
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Oral talk Facilities and advanced detector technologies Facilities and Advanced Detector Technologies


Alexander Nozik (INR RAS)


The 3D visualization and event-display, in particular, is an unavoidable part of any modern accelerator and non-accelerator experiment. Currently, there are a lot of those systems - any large experiment develops something on their one. Still, none of those systems has a stable open-source distribution and most of them are developed for a specific experiment and hard to port for another experiment. Any new experiment is forced to implement a new system, which requires qualified programmers manpower and the problem is complicated by the fact that those systems are almost never self-contained and die quickly as soon as they stop being supported by their developers.
In this talk, we would like to present a multi-platform (including web-based tools and virtual reality) dataforge-vis framework which allows designing complicated dynamic 3d-visualization tools for particle physics without relying on ROOT or any other system.
The framework is currently being adopted for BM@N experiment at NICA.

Primary authors

Alexander Nozik (INR RAS) Dr. Peter Klimai (INR RAS)

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